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5867, côte Saint-Antoine

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Published on : October 21 2019

Last modified on : November 18 2019

The 1920 building is the original site of the Wesley United Church, on the corner of Cote St Antoine and Draper Avenue. This is the short section of Draper that runs below the Lower Canada College playing fields. It is of GREAT ARCHITECTURAL IMPORTANCE being comprised mainly of early twentieth century John Hand designed and built houses.  We believe this is the largest concentration in Montreal of his work.


A promoter has acquired this site along with its garden (which is known as the Secret Garden and has been used until recently by day care’s in the neighbourhood). The Cote-des-Neiges/NDG borough’s CCU (urbanism) committe has agreed to major exceptions to regulations touching height (raising the site onto a concrete podium and erecting glass enclosed penthouses protruding from the existing roof line), set back (protruding beyond the existing houses into the street), increasing use from one to at least 7 but possibly more units.  The style would be dark and modern, in total contrast to the existing harmonious heritage architecture.


The green space would be removed to make way for the concrete podium and semi basement underground parking on with the entire project would rest. The building should be listed but has not been.  Its foundation is in disrepair. There is concern that without proper maintenance it could become non-viable. This is the 100th year of the building’s existence. During its entire history it has a community vocation, notably as an orphanage and a home/shelter for women threatened by matrimonial violence.


You can voice your concern by attending

4 November Cote-des-Neiges/NDG borough council meeting


13 November, 7pm – public consultation, at 5160 Decarie Blvd 4th floor.

At this meeting by law everyone is given time to have their say.

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