Together for the protection of our metropolitan heritage

Be part of the actions that will forge the heritage of tomorrow: urban landscapes that are simultaneously natural, community-focused and well developed, and that continually convey and regenerate our local and metropolitan identity. The places that make the heart of the city beat—over there, on the corner of the street, behind the parking lot, downtown, right in the middle of our history. A heritage—our heritage—deeply rooted in the past and promising a bright future. Most important, a future rich in heritage: a powerful source of inspiration and renewable energy prompting us to write the next chapters of that history and ensure its sustainability.

Ancienne école Sainte Brigide

Mission of Memento

Heritage Montreal created Memento, a platform for citizens to speak out, raise awareness and enhance and encourage the rehabilitation of threatened heritage sites in the Montreal area. The goal is to protect the identity of the metropolis and its neighbourhoods as well as its collective and local history.

The platform lists threatened heritage sites in order to inform and mobilize citizens and public authorities. It reflects the files being followed by Heritage Montreal as well as the concerns of residents of the Montreal metropolitan area who have issued citizen alerts. The platform also offers tools to promote citizen mobilization.

Vision and objectives of Memento

The platform is the reference tool in the Montreal metropolitan area to advocate for the protection of heritage as well as to ensure the enhancement and protection of its territorial identity.

It supports the evolution of the territory while respecting the quality of life of neighbourhoods, their memory and issues of sustainable urban development.

Memento :

  • is a tool to raise awareness, share information and monitor heritage sites, by providing content on current heritage issues, in particular with respect to threatened sites;
  • facilitates mobilization by offering tools and best practices that contribute to increasing and supporting citizen participation for the protection of living environments;
  • is a unifying tool, powered by Heritage Montreal and citizens, in partnership with municipalities and local organizations, such as historical societies and development corporations, which also serve as an important presence on the ground.
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Role of Heritage Montréal

Since 1975, Heritage Montreal has worked to promote and to protect the architectural, historic, natural and cultural heritage of Greater Montreal, its neighbourhoods and communities. This private non-profit organization is at the heart of an extensive network of partners, working through education and representation to celebrate, develop and preserve the identity and uniqueness of the Greater Montréal area. Sometimes our actions are direct, and very public. Other times they are more discreet. Heritage, though, is everyone’s concern. With this platform, Heritage Montréal seeks to provide you with better support and guidance, and help catalyze your ambitions, ideas and actions. Whether our roles are to explore, to reveal, to protect, to generate ideas or to invest, this platform will help us all maintain cohesive, consistent and informed action to create a heritage for the future.


Project coordinator : Mathieu Boisclair, Héritage Montréal

Programming and design : La Grange

Visual identity : Rethink

Texts : Héritage Montréal, except when specified (citizens alerts)

Production – InspirActions videos : #1 à #13 Jonathan Lapalme; #14 à 16 : Gary Paitre

Production – Introduction video : Laurent Bernier

They generously collaborated to Memento


Memento is financed through the Entente de développement culturel de Montréal, an agreement between the City of Montreal and the Quebec government, and through the Fonds d’initiative et de rayonnement de la métropole (FIRM) of the Secrétariat à la région métropolitaine of the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation.



We would also like to thank all those who worked on the H-MTL Platform (2015-2020).

*Memento is a trademark of Héritage Montréal