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159 Avenue Balfour

This home built in 1951 by noted architect Patsy Colangelo (1907–1984) is unique in Town of Mount Royal and indeed in Colangelo’s body of work. Colangelo made a major and significant contribution to the built heritage of Montreal and Quebec, and we should be proud to have a building designed by him in our town.   Moreover, this Modern-style house featuring distinctive vernacular elements (the roof) integrates perfectly with the lot it sits on, at the corner of Avenue Balfour and Chemin Dumfries, and is set off by harmonious landscaping. This home’s remarkable presence in the urban fabric of Town of Mount Royal is enriching to our built heritage as a Garden City. I have even heard that several films have been shot in the house, adding to its cultural interest. It would be a huge and regrettable loss if it were to be demolished.

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Published on : November 04 2019

Last modified on : November 04 2019

The replacement value of a house like this is unknown, and it is quite likely that a replacement building would not have the same historical, architectural and heritage value. A replacement might even have a jarring appearance, be of inferior quality, and be deficient in terms of integration with the distinct urban environment of TMR—something we have seen too much of in recent years. We mustn’t forget that our Garden City has been designated a National Historic Site of Canada by Parks Canada. We therefore have a duty to preserve its historical, urban and heritage qualities.


Given that this residence dates back to the beginnings of TMR’s construction as a Garden City, given the greenery that surrounds it and enriches the oxygen of our town, given that we cannot contemplate cutting down the trees on the property, and for all the reasons mentioned above, I am formally opposed to the granting of a demolition permit for this house at 159 Avenue Balfour.

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159 Balfour

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