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Jaeger Building

682-684, Saint Catherine Street West

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Published on : February 21 2023

Last modified on : April 03 2023

The Jaeger building was built in the 1880s. In 1914, its new owner, the Jaeger Company, specialized in the sale of woolen clothing and undergarments, considerably improved the building to make it its retail store on Sainte-Catherine Street. It was at this time that the magnificent neo-gothic facade in glazed terracotta appeared.

The building has been vacant for several years. It is visibly lacking in maintenance.

In the fall of 2021, a major fire ravaged 696 Sainte-Catherine Street West, the Super Sex club. In the wake of this fire, the building was demolished, as well as 690, next door to the Jaeger building. These properties have remained vacant ever since.

Saint-Catherine Street West has been redeveloped in the last few years and the sector is experiencing a revival. The building is still looking for a new use that will allow it to integrate with the new St. Catherine Street!

The Jaeger building was damaged by the fire of 2021. Following the demolition of neighboring buildings, its side façade was exposed to the elements and deteriorated. In March 2023, masonry elements detached from the building. On March 31, a major risk of collapse of the building forced the closure of Sainte-Catherine Street West at this location.

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Façade de l’édifice Jaeger

Source: Héritage Montréal, 2023

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Détails de la façade et de la corniche

Source: Héritage Montréal, 2023

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Lots vacants à côté de l’édifice Jaeger

Source: Héritage Montréal, 2023

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Façade de l’édifice Jaeger

Source: Héritage Montréal, 2023

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Édifice Jaeger avant l’incendie

Source: Google Street View, 2020

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    Ville-Marie borough

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    Mechanisms for protection

    Urban Development

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    Private: company

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    No upkeep

    Lack of knowledge

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    Located in an area of exceptional heritage value – Phillips Square and Sainte-Catherine Street West

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